About Company

Pulkovo Airport is one of the biggest and most quickly developing transportation hub in Russia. In 2017, 16 125 520 passengers went through Pulkovo airport and most of them took taxi.


Everyday more than a thousand passengers leave Pulkovo airport by taxi. And dozens of taxi companies fight for their clients.

What we achieved

Implementation of united IT infrastructure allowed us to order interaction between taxi services and clients, provide orders and stable income to all the participants, without underbidding.

How we managed to do that?

The service has two main parts: interface for operators who takes orders at the counter and interface for parkers who pass over cars to the parking lot and send orders to them.

More than 1 000 000 orders

went through our system in 2014

List of cars

More than 1 000 cars work in the system, more than 200 organizations and more than 2 500 drivers.


There is a detailed statistics in the system where every manager of the taxi service can look how many orders and at what price were made by his drivers.


Huge demand for transport services led us to optimization of the order process and we developed an IT solution for self-service counters, that doubled throughput of the counters. Interface was translated in more than 10 languages and we achieved the most transparent and simple order and pay Taxi in the airport system in the world.

Let-pass for cars

We also needed to build a solution for automated let-pass for taxi cars on the parking lot with the help of car number recognition, as well as automated placing and leaving of the line.


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