About Company

In cooperation with VK we created an app that you can add to the groups in this social network. With the help of it groups' participants can conveniently plan meetings with each other.

Register, create timetables and schedule appointments with group members. With this app, your day at the conference will be even more productive.

Schedule appointments

Our main goal was to make the process of setting up a meeting the most comfortable and not demanding any additional approvals in chats and official correspondence. That is why the logic allows to see only available spots, choose any needed gaps by duration and receive meeting confirmations, after that the meeting will be included in your timetable.

Work with incoming requests

When received a meeting request you can confirm, decline or suggest other time spot. By clicking on confirm button the app will include it in your timetable, reschedule - the app will show you empty spots in the timetable of this participant, decline - well, everything is clear about that one.


In the process of registration all the data from your profile in VK will be copied, so all you need to do is to set up the time of your presence on each day of the conference so other participants could ask you for a meeting.


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