About Company

Arcona eco-system has created a digital Earth – a layer of augmented reality which integrates real and virtual worlds in a unite info sphere. It is designed for an everyday interaction of users with extended virtual and mixed multimedia content in different locations.


The design is made in a super adaptive way, it is fast and optimized for a majority of mobile devices. Animations and illustrations have been optimized as well so we consider it to be one of the best ICO websites.


In a couple of years, augmented reality projects are going be huge and Acrona has already started forming the market.

Can You Imagine?!

So it would be clear just how incredible this sphere is, we’ve placed animated magical creatures in familiar places like New York and Paris.

How It Works?

The steam of project ideas that could be created with augmented reality is endless. Especially, if you manage to snatch the best spots on the Planet today. Take part in auctions today, so your clients would enjoy your ideas tomorrow via smartphones.


As the project is international we’ve translated the website into different languages, so it would be possible to buy the best spots for everyone.

Cooperation with Func.

This project is a result of our cooperation with Func. Studio, they made the design for all the interfaces and we carefully and with love created a website based on their work.


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